SalesHunter theme - How to set up the Top bar

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In this article, we will learn how to enable and add the content blocks to the top bar of SalesHunter Shopify theme.

What is the Top bar?

The Top bar is the area on the top of the site which allows you to show the special message or additional theme features. The theme top bar is really helpful for the store owner to deliver the holiday and campaign message to boost the sales.

Besides the message, SalesHunter theme also supports the users to add Custom Menu and Currency Converter to its top bar.

Top bar of SalesHunter theme

How to set up?

Step 1: On the Sections tab, select Top Bar.

Go to Top bar settings of SalesHunter theme

Step 2: Check on the settings to set up and adjust the Top bar.

Top bar settings of SalesHunter theme Show Top bar: You can enable/disable the Top bar through this option.

Color: The setting allows you to change the color of:

  • Background
  • Text
  • Link

Add content: There are 3 Content block options to add to the top bar

  • Custom HTML: You can add only text or using HTML to display with more styles.
  • Custom Menu: By choosing the Menu via the option, a Navigation Link list will appear on the Top bar.
  • Currency conversion: The drop-down option allows the customer to change the currency.

Note: Please make sure to adjust the Block width of the existing blocks to be equal 100%.